Published on May 23, 2016

Attorney Micah Longo of the Davie law firm The Longo Firm says, “when you’re in a car accident the physical forces do a number on your body. A common injury is a herniated disc which is a condition where the jelly like substances found inside the disc rupture, putting pressure on a nerve, causing pain and numbness. Most common herniated disc injuries occur in the lower back (lumbar spine) and neck (cervical spine).

Recovery from a herniated disc injury is usually a lengthy process and can get very expensive. A herniated disc may have a permanent effect on your quality of life, as you job and daily activities are limited due to the pain. Herniated discs are usually treated with physical therapy to increase mobility and strength. If physical therapy doesn’t work, a patient can undergo injections to manage the pain, and ultimately spinal surgery to repair the disc.

Doctors diagnose herniated discs by MRI scans. Now, proving causation (i.e. that your herniated disc was caused by the accident and not some pre-existing or degenerative condition), usually depends on the temporal association between the collision and the symptoms onset, and a lack of a more probable explanation of the symptoms. In other words, if you back was fine before the collision and now all of sudden it hurts, it’s likely caused by the accident and not something else.”

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