Published on May 7, 2016

Attorney Micah Longo of The Longo Firm in Davie, FL says, “when hiring an accident attorney you shouldn’t have to worry about paying anything up-front. Most Florida accident lawyers work on a contingency fee. This means there is no fee (or cost) unless your lawyer gets money for you!

Most Florida accident lawyers charge a contingency fee of 33 1/3% if the case is settled pre-suit and 40% if the case is resolved during litigation. Case expenses and costs like filing fees, depositions, and photocopying medical records are usually deducted from the settlement at the end of the case.

The Florida Bar requires all contingency fee agreements to be in writing and come with a signed statement of client’s rights. If you are considering hiring a Florida accident attorney be sure they walk you through the entire fee agreement and statement of client’s rights. Don’t just sign on the dotted line. Understand what you’re signing. If your Florida accident lawyer is in a hurry to get you to sign, perhaps it’s time to find another lawyer?

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