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In this article, you will discover:

  • If an employer can end your FMLA leave early
  • Limits to what you can do while on FMLA leave

It is the employee’s obligation to inform the employer of changes in their medical condition. For example, if the person is cured and no longer has a serious health condition, it would be the employee’s responsibility to return back to work. If they did not return back to work and the employer found out about it, that could be an abuse or misuse of FMLA leave and could cause a number of issues that could ultimately lead to the employee’s termination.

Generally, an employer cannot require the employee to come back to work early, unless they request a recertification and it shows that the employee no longer has a serious health condition. An employer also might require an employee to submit a return to work or fitness for duty certification. This is commonly done to protect the employer from future liability.

Are There Limits To What I Can And Can’t Do While I’m On FMLA Leave?

There are limits to what can be done on FMLA leave. You cannot give false information to obtain leave. Misuse or abuse is defined as not using your leave for its intended purpose. Misuse or abuse of FMLA leave is a legitimate reason to fire an employee.

An example of misusing or abusing FMLA is taking the leave so the employee can care for a sick parent, but they go on a vacation instead. This could end in the employee’s termination.

People often question if they can even leave their homes. You can still go to the grocery store, go to doctor’s appointments, etc. You can still take care of your personal business and shopping, but you cannot abuse the time off.

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