The Longo Firm is a personal injury and employment law firm

The Longo Firm helps people who are seriously injured in an accident or have problems with their employer

Welcome To The Longo Firm

The Longo Firm is a personal injury and employment law firm located in Davie, Florida. We offer a FREE legal consultation and work mostly on a contingency fee basis. This means there is no legal fee (or cost) unless we get money for you!

The Longo Firm helps people seriously injured in accidents or who are having problems with their employer. We have experiences handling all kinds of personal injury and employment law cases throughout the state of Florida.

What Makes Us Different


If there is one thing we cannot stand – it’s bullies! The Longo Firm will not allow the insurance companies and big corporate employers to bully the good people of Florida.

Did you know, that not all Florida lawyers are willing to litigate cases in front of a jury? In fact, a growing number of Florida lawyers simply accept the insurance company’s best offer, often times leaving more money on the table. Now, why would a lawyer do such a thing? It’s probably because it’s hard to try a case. The stakes are high and it’s much easier to settle the case, than to fight a long battle, even if it means less money for the client. Personally, I think this is wrong! You should look for a Florida lawyer who enjoys going to court!


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