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Car AccidentsIf you have been hurt in a car accident in Florida, you need to hire a lawyer, or you run the risk of the insurance company taking advantage of you.

We get calls all the time from potential clients who have tried to handle their car accident case on their own, unsuccessfully. They spoke with insurance adjusters, signed medical releases, and gave recorded statements because they believed the insurance adjuster would be fair and honest. Boy, were they wrong!

The harsh reality is that auto insurance companies don’t care about you! They only care about their profits. Last year they made over a billion dollars. They certainly didn’t get to that level by paying claims fairly. If you play their games, they’ll dance circles around you, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in lost settlement dollars.

The Longo Firm has handled hundreds of car accident cases in Florida. We handle cases from start to finish, with the ultimate goal of getting you as much money as possible, as fast as possible. We work on a contingency fee which means there is no fee (or cost) unless we get money for you. If you can’t make it to our Davie Florida main office, we will come to you. We know transportation can be problem, especially after a crash, so that’s why we make home and hospital visits.

What Is Comparative Negligence? How Does It Affect My Auto Injury Claim?

Comparative negligence means that the amount of recovery you receive will be discounted by your percentage of fault. For example, if a jury determines that your damages are worth $100,000 and that you were 50 percent at fault, then your overall damages of $100,000 would be reduced by 50 percent, leaving you entitled to $50,000. Florida is one of the states that will allow you to recover money damages even if you are 99 percent at fault. Comparative negligence usually comes into play in cases where liability is disputed…Read More

Should I Notify My Insurance Company About An Auto Accident?

You should contact a lawyer before contacting the insurance company about an auto accident. Once you hire a lawyer to handle your case, they will set up a claim and speak to the insurance companies for you. If you decide not to hire a lawyer, then you will be required to report the accident to your own insurance company. You will not be required to report it to the other person’s insurance company, but it’s usually a good idea. For example, if you don’t have collision coverage on your own policy and the other driver is at fault, then you may have to go through that driver’s insurance company in order to get your car repaired.

It is important to know that if you do report the accident to the other driver’s insurance company, you are not required to give a statement. In fact, I would recommend that you do not provide a statement to the other driver’s insurance company. You will probably be required to provide your own insurance company with a statement. If you hire a qualified personal injury attorney, then they will be able to handle all of this for you so that you can focus on recovering physically, emotionally, and financially…Read More

Car Accident Questions?

If you have questions about car accidents and you want to learn more, please read our Car Accident Articles.

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