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Wrongful DeathNo one ever expects to lose someone due to an accident. We understand your grieving and financially vulnerable. When your spouse or child dies in an accident a wrongful death lawsuit is appropriate.

People who can recover in a wrongful death lawsuit are called “survivors.” They include the deceased’s spouse, children, parents, and any defendant blood relatives, including adopted brothers and sisters.

In all Florida wrongful death cases a personal representative brings the lawsuit on behalf of the decedent’s estate. We handle everything from setting up the estate, investigating the facts, and filing lawsuit, so you can focus on your family.

I’ve seen cases where a mother loses her husband and children in an accident, then the bank tries to foreclose on their home because the husband was the financial head-of-household. These kind of cases can have a devastating impact on the family if not handled properly.

During your time of grieving we can recommend a counselor to help get you though the waves of emotion. They say the hardest part is the days and months after the funeral, when everyone goes home. You’ll need someone to get you though the rough patches. We’re here to help. We can also recommend a financial planner should you receive settlement. We know you would trade all the money in the world for your loved one back but if you do receive a large settlement you’ll want to establish trust accounts to ensure your family is financially secure for the future.

What Is Considered A Wrongful Death Action In Florida?

A wrongful death action in Florida is a civil action whereby the plaintiff (who is the estate of the person who died) alleges that someone is responsible for that person’s death, and they seek money damages for the survivors (i.e. the children, the spouse, and/or the estate). The wrongful death action is codified by statute in Florida and it outlines what damages can be recovered and who can be claimants. At our office, we work with estate attorneys to help set up estates in wrongful death actions and appoint personal representatives who will act as the lead on wrongful death cases…Read More

Statute Of Limitations

There is a 2-year statute of limitations for wrongful death cases in Florida. This means you have 2-years from the date of death to file a lawsuit or you will be forever bared from doing so.

It’s best practice to call an attorney immediately to discuss your case. The attorney will want to preserve all the evidence as soon as possible. In other words, don’t wait until 6-months before the statute of limitations runs out to pursue the case because the evidence may be destroyed.

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