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How Accident Lawyers in Florida Play the Claims Game

  • By: Micah Longo, Esq.
  • Published: October 5, 2016
How Accident Lawyers in Florida Play the Claims Game

The best accident lawyers in Florida are excellent salesmen. They’ve been to law school and have years of experience in negotiating claims.  Accident lawyers know they are selling a product. In the accident claims game the product is damages. The sale includes pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. Since you can’t go back in time, the product used to settle claims of damages is money.  It’s easy to find the best accident attorney in Florida based on the following:

Good Working Relationship

The best accident lawyers in Florida spend time with their opponent. This can be an insurance adjuster or a defense attorney.  They always treat their opponent with respect and professionalism. No one likes being treated like a second-class citizen. This is especially true of insurance adjusters. Now this doesn’t mean an accident lawyer should become best friends with their opponent.  It does mean they understand they’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  An attorney I respect highly said, “there are 3 places where cases are resolved – counsel table, conference tables, and restaurant tables.” This is good advice and the best accident lawyers use all of them.

The best accident lawyers also share information.  For example, in a car accident case the police report is an important document.  If the adjuster doesn’t have a copy of the police report the best lawyers will share a copy.  This will assist the adjuster in processing the claim.  Also, accident lawyers communicate their theory of liability and provide documentation of damages.  This includes medical records, medical bills, and lost wages statements, reduced to writing. Again, accident lawyers should make it as easy as possible for adjusters. This added ease will pay dividends during negotiations.

Creative Settlement Techniques

The best Florida accident lawyers use creative settlement techniques, when necessary.  A video can show an average day in the life of a plaintiff. I’ve even attached photographs of the large needles used on my client during surgery. These can help the adjuster or defense attorney better understand the case.  Remember, accident attorneys are in the business of selling.  The best can tap into the human emotion.

The top accident lawyers also use alternative dispute resolution. This can avoid the high cost of litigation. Examples include mediation and non-binding arbitration. The cost of trying a case in front of a jury can be tremendous.  Moreover, there is never a guarantee that you’ll win at trial.  Juries are a fickle bunch.  I had a mediator once say to defense counsel “if you go forward with a jury trial, you’re going to the “casino.” If you settle a case, both sides win. That’s not to say the best accident lawyers accept the best offer.  They accept what is fair and reasonable. If that’s not an option, they try their case before a jury.

Perform Beyond Expectation

The best Florida accident lawyers perform beyond expectation. They go one step further than what is required. If an adjuster requests a narrative report from a treating physician, the best attorneys will also provide the therapy notes. It’s not uncommon for the therapy notes to contain valuable information. The treatment notes are usually in the form of a diary, in chronological order. They show progress, or lack thereof, and complaints. The top accident attorney provide all information needed to evaluate the claim. Because adjusters are overloaded with claims, it’s absolutely critical to document everyone in writing to support the claim. If it’s not in the file, it’s not part of the claim.  The best attorneys know this and are meticulous with their preparation.

Finally, the best accident attorneys will anticipate the needs of at the claims adjuster.  By reporting the total amount of the claim to the adjuster as soon as possible this enables the adjuster to set the appropriate “reserves.”  Without a basic understanding of the plaintiff’s damages the insurance adjuster won’t know if the case is worth $10,000 or $10 million.  Also, most accident attorneys know that insurance adjusters generally operate on a 30-day cycle.  This means they report to their supervisors or the claims manager on serious claims.  The claims manager has to report to either the regional claims manager or the home office.  A good accident attorney can make a lot of points with the insurance adjuster by giving 30 to 40 day status reports to he insurance company and by doing so participates in the needs of the claims department.

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